News and Updates February 14, 2022

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DEMO NEED – Flushing NY


TIER OPERATOR DEMO OPPORTUNITY Hey Tier Operators! We are looking for 2 people that are interested in working an event at a store! This event will be held on September 25th from 11am -3 pm in Flushing , New York.  If you are interested we would love to have YOU represent us! As a reminder you will […]

Jordan Patterson Spotlight


JORDAN PATTERSON REDCON1 TIER OPERATOR SPOTLIGHT ​ Tell us about your weight loss or fitness journey?   I started competing in November of 2018 after I finished college that August. I played football at Mars Hill University and wanted to lose some “football weight” after I was done playing. I started during my last semester […]

September PumpUp

September PumpUp

SEPTEMBER PUMP UP This month of September we’re going to reward you for helping your customers pump up – pump up their cart size that is!  Each time that you bring in a friend or follower to make a purchase with a subtotal over $99.99 your name will be entered into a Tier Operator raffle drawing […]

Chase Irons Spotlight


CHASE IRONS​ REDCON1 TIER OPERATOR SPOTLIGHT What was the name of your show you competed in? NPC Battle of the Border What division(s) did you compete in? Heavyweight Open Bodybuilding It being your first show, do you feel you met your own personal expectations when you hit the stage? Absolutely! I had exceeded my best […]

Michael Sparks Spotlight


MICHAEL SPARKS​ REDCON1 TIER OPERATOR SPOTLIGHT ​ Tell us about your weight loss or fitness journey?  My fitness journey started at a very young age. I always wanted to have Popeye arms! I started training at 13 and never thought about competing until after winning the trials in April 2020, I now had the confidence […]

Tier Operator New Year Resolutions 2021

Tier Operator New Year Resolutions 2021 We asked the Tier Operators what their New Year Resolutions are. Read more to see what their goals are for 2021!  To be the best me I can be, most organized, best worker, best bodybuilder, best tier operator, and be better on YouTube! Make more money, and closer to […]

Shawn Pose Challenge

Tier Operator community comes together for some fun while trying to create their own best “Shawn Pose”    Shawn Madej, experienced Tier Operator and the newest member of the Team Operator Management Team, has been showcasing Redcon1 Products with his iconic “Shawn Pose” for years. Recently several Tier Operators in our community created their own […]