What was the name of your show you competed in?

NPC Battle of the Border

What division(s) did you compete in?

Heavyweight Open Bodybuilding

It being your first show, do you feel you met your own personal expectations when you hit the stage?

Absolutely! I had exceeded my best shape ever by a mile.. 6 weeks before my show I was entering new territory.

What kind of workouts did you focus on during your prep?

High intensity, low volume. Always trying to keep intensity high above all else. If intensity started slipping from the fatigue of being in a caloric deficit, lower volume more to manage the fatigue.

What kind of content did you consume to help you stay focused and motivated?

Lots of James Hollingshead and Joe Bennet videos…. and lots of food porn.

With a massive weight loss, how did you stay motivated to eat and train on a daily basis?

The amount of weight wasn’t anything concerning to me. I didn’t have a weight goal in mind it was more about being stage ready regardless of what my weight was going to be. I guess I was blind to the fact that I was going to lose just over 60 pounds for this prep. If I knew that at the start I probably would have had a very difficult time.

When you are not working out, what are you doing for fun?

Going on walks with my fiance, Laura, playing with my dog Jim or creating content/live streaming for my YouTube channel.

What is your go-to cheat meal? Did you have it post-show?

Sushi, steak, burger, pizza, ice cream, cookies…. the only thing I didn’t have yet is pizza but I live in Chicago and deep dish will be served!


Now that your first show is under your belt, do you think you will be taking the stage again?

Yes, definitely. It was a lot of fun being on stage and it went by so fast.

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to someone who is getting ready for their first show?

Hire a coach! Let them make the hard decisions and learn from them. They will help take you beyond what you would do to yourself.

With a massive weight loss, how did you stay motivated to eat and train on a daily basis?

First thing in the morning I would take a scoop of Double Tap (blue razz is the best flavor) with a scoop of War Games actually, haha. This was my pre fasted cardio drink that would power me through those long monotonous session.

After that my pre workout meal consisted of cream of rice mixed with 2 scoops of Isotope (PB chocolate) along with a banana.

My pre workout drink was 1 scoop Total War (rainbow candy), 1 scoop Big Noise (rainbow candy), 1 scoop MOAB (unflavored) with 1/4 tsp of salt.
Intra workout drink was 2 scoops of Cluster Bomb (strawberry kiwi) with 4 scoops of Grunt (tigers blood) with 1 scoop of creatine monohydrate and 1 scoop of glutamine.

My post workout meal was 2 scoops Isotope (PB chocolate) dumped onto a bowl of 100g of cocoa pebbles.

Finally, my last meal of the day had 1 scoop of MRE Lite (PB cookie) mixed into fat free greek yogurt with some nut butter.