Demo Event Guidelines


Product Sampling Demo

What is a Demo

  • A Demo is a method of increasing brand awareness of Redcon1 by giving customers an opportunity to sample products, and gain knowledge about Redcon1. This is accomplished by a Tier Operator hosting a product sampling Demo at a retailer of Redcon1 Products.
  • A typical Demo can be described as a Tier Operator arriving at their local nutrition store, assembling a table inside of the store that displays Redcon1 products, remaining available during business hours to offer product samples to customers and answering questions about Redcon1.


  • There are rewards and compensation given to Tier Operators who volunteer to work a Demo. The Tier Operator will receive compensation of $25/hour with a maximum of $75. The Tier Operator will receive 5 bonus sales credits to help them move up to the next Commission Tier level. Additionally, the Tier Operator’s monthly required minimum of sales needed, to be eligible for monthly Fulfillment rewards, will be reduced to half the standard amount. There will also be opportunities to receive exclusive Demo Event Specialist Apparel.

How to schedule a Demo

  • There is a standard process for volunteering for and scheduling a Demo. If this process is not followed, The Redcon1 Tier Operator Management Team has the right to withhold rewards for performing the Demo, and deny permission to perform future Demos. Please consult this list and feel free to ask if you have any questions. 
    • The Tier Operator should contact their local store that sells Redcon1. The Tier Operator should communicate with the store owner/manager and obtain permission to host a Demo in their location. 
    • The Tier Operator should complete the Demo Scheduling Request Form and submit it to the Tier Operator Management Team. This information should be provided: Name of store, location, manager name, store phone number, email address of store manager/employee in charge, date/time of requested Demo.
    • The Tier Operator Management Team will contact the Store to confirm this request to perform a Demo and to confirm the date/time of the Demo. 
    • A package will be sent to the store with items needed: product samples, table cloth, cutting boards, allergy warning display sign. A shipping return label will be included – the table cloth and remaining products must be returned. 
    • The Tier Operator will arrive at the store location on the date of the Demo and will distribute samples and communicate with customers about Redcon1. 


  • Demos are approved at retailers that already have Redcon1 products in stock available for purchase. Requests presented to the Tier Operator Management Team to perform a Demo at a retailer that does not have Redcon1 products available for purchase can and is usually denied. This rule is in place because it has been found that if Redcon1 products are not available for purchase a customer will tend to purchase a competing brand’s product rather than wait to purchase Redcon1.

After your Demo is Complete

  • After you have completed the product sampling demo the Tier Operator must submit the Demo After Action Report. This report will ask for the following info: a rating of the demo on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.) An approximate number of people that were spoken to about Redcon1 during the demo. A list of Redcon1 product sales generated at the location due to your presence. Any other comments about the Demo experience. This report will be reviewed and used as an ongoing evaluation and performance report.
  • A Performance Report form will also be sent to the Location Manager to complete. This Performance Report form will allow the Location Manager to provide their evaluation and opinion on the quality of the Tier Operators’ Demo Event. The Tier Operator Management Team will review and use this information as an ongoing evaluation of the Tier Operator and the Location. Tier Operators are not allowed to complete the Location Manager’s Report themselves. Tier Operators should ensure that the Location Manager has access to the Performance Report and understands their responsibility to complete the Performance Report

Some Do’s and Dont’s to follow when performing a Demo:

  • Do… Contact individual local retailers and see if they are interested in doing a demo before submitting the Demo Scheduling Request Form.
  • Don’t… Submit a Demo Scheduling Request Form for a location that you have not been in contact with yet. 
  • Do… Use demos as a means to create relationships with local retailers and to show them Redcon1 is the best brand out there and can move products quickly.
  • Don’t… Use demos as a means to generate new online retail customers for yourself by encouraging them to purchase online instead of in the store.
  • Do… Follow up with retailers respectfully if they shy away from doing a demo or say they’d like to do one at a later date.
  • Don’t… get rude or aggressive if a location doesn’t agree to allowing you  to host a demo.

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