Tell us about your weight loss or fitness journey?


I started competing in November of 2018 after I finished college that August. I played football at Mars Hill University and wanted to lose some “football weight” after I was done playing. I started during my last semester of college training and dieting to compete. I went from playing football at 250 lbs and was 206 at my first show! 

Where are you from? What is your background?

My hometown is Clinton, SC. I currently reside there. However, I was active duty in the Air Force from 2011-2015 and was stationed in Texas and Georgia while I was in. I also lived in North Carolina for 5 years from 2015-2020! 

What are your inspirations, what motivates you?

My inspirations are simply to be a source of positive energy and support to others! I love to help other people and show them what’s possible if they work hard and try new things! I am motivated simply by the desire to improve each day!

Do you like to share your success with family, friends and followers?


I admit I could be better at this. I am known to “go dark” on social media the closer I get to a show. I am a very determined person and I like to give all my focus on the task at hand. However, once the show is over, I will always share how I did and the amount of support I have received has really been amazing. I also make extra effort after the show to make sure I post as much content as I can and let others know how I’m doing. We really have some awesome folks out there that have a legitimate interest in what we do and their enthusiasm is contagious!

What are your goals? How do you plan to reach them?

My ultimate goal is to turn pro, I don’t care how long it may take, I am willing to take a long term approach and get better each day. My short term goal is to crack the Top 5 at a National Level show next year! And of course, being the best Tier Operator I can be is always a goal.

How has Redcon1 helped you?

Where do I even start? First off, Redcon1 has given me an opportunity to work with a company that closely aligns with my personal values. Service, loyalty, respect, and honor are all words I think of when I think of Redcon1. I really feel like part of a team and feel camaraderie similar to the military. I’ve met Aaron, Eduardo, and Eric and I can honestly say the leaders in the company have all treated me with respect and the company is well led from the top on down. The tier operator team has always been helpful and shown me how to be the best ambassador I can be for the team! Also, the products have greatly helped me in my day to day routine. I LOVE our line and our gear, I feel like the company as a whole really represents me well!

What was your feeling on stage when you won? 

I’ve been really blessed to be on stage with some amazing athletes, so the success I’ve had has really been all that much sweeter. There is no feeling like giving it your all and knowing you brought the best version of yourself!


Is there any one thing that has had a major impact on your success?


Definitely. That would be my support system. I have been blessed beyond belief to have the support system I do. My wife is the ultimate teammate and does anything she can to help me succeed. She has been my rock and I couldn’t do any of this without her. Also, my coach, IFBB Pro Charles “Tank” Dixon has been a great mentor, role model, and friend to show me path forward and has given hours and hours of his time to work with me. My friends and family are also extremely supportive and I’m very lucky to have so many amazing people in my corner!
Any advice you’d like to give someone who is starting their own fitness journey?


1. Be Patient-this is a process and it will take time. Great things come to those who wait with a positive attitude. 

2. Consistency always wins- the secret is consistent effort over time. Keep finding ways to do the work and not stray. The biggest battle is the one you fight internally against complacency. 

3. Enjoy the journey- There is no more rewarding effort than the effort you invest in yourself. When you can look in the mirror and see the fruits of your labor, that’s a major win. It will push you to do even more and you’ll surprise yourself with what you accomplish.

Any advice you’d like to give to someone who is trying to become a successful Tier Operator?

Keep it simple. Show others what the company offers that works for you and how it has worked for you. Show the value in the company and not just product. We have some amazing people, not just products. Show others the whole picture. Focus on relationships and not sales. Sales may come and go at times, but relationships can last through the down times and you will have more sustained success building something that lasts.
What kind of workouts do you enjoy the most?

Definitely a heavy leg day. Total war and big noise mixed. If it’s a heavy squat day, my Ready Since 1776 hoodie and Redcon1 Foundation shirt are a must because I’m convinced they are cheat codes for extra strength! I enjoy any day of hard training, but leg day holds a special place in my heart!
What is one of your difficulties or weaknesses?

I’m trying to work on being better at being more patient. Both with bodybuilding and with my personal life. We live in such an instant gratification society that this can be hard sometimes but patience is a great trait. I’ve been working on it, and I can notice a difference if I take a long term approach as opposed to just short term.

What kind of activities do you do for fun?


I like simply spending time with my wife and my family. Doesn’t matter so much what we do, as long as we are together. Nothing better than being with the ones you love and enjoying the beauty of the day!