Operator of the Month: Johnnie Brown

Johnnie Brown

got back into fitness in 2012 after seeing old pictures and realizing that this is not where he wanted to be physically. After few years of lifting he kept being approached about competing in local shows, and finally caved! Started competing in bodybuilding in 2014 set my goal to becoming a IFBB Pro. I became so addicted to fitness and this lifestyle, I became a ISSA certified trainer so I could help motivate others reach their goals and spread knowledge to other lifers. Quickly he realized how important supplementation was and how difficult it was getting everything he needed, and having to piece together everything from different companies. The most difficult part was finding dairy free protein. My fit fam - Jerome Drakeford a fellow TO - turned me on to Redcon1 and showed me that this was a one stop shop. From that point Johnnie has been hooked!