Operator of the Month

Awarded for excellence


Marshal Grammer

JUNE 2020 | TIER 3


My fitness journey started out at a very young age. I started in 6th grade for the simple fact that I was bigger than I felt comfortable with. 

At that age also came with tackle football which comes with weight lifting and conditioning. This was just the beginning, I stuck with my hard work and dedication through high school ball. 

I than received a scholarship to play at the next level. This is where I noticed I was no longer the biggest, fastest, most athletic person on the field. 

This gave me more dedication and drive to live out my dreams and start to take my fitness goals to the next level. My goal is to stay in the healthiest and best shape possible (Highest State Of Readiness). 

A friend of mine Tier Operator, Courtney Ward, introduced me and my family to the 2020 readiness trial. I had never competed before and was skeptical of entering with the motivation and support from my Mom, Sister, and Dad I went for it. 

I made my first REDCON1 purchase at the start of the competition. After receiving my supplements and using them I knew from that time I had to spread the word of this amazing company and I haven’t looked back since!”