Sales Credits 101​


Make Sure You Get The Credit You Deserve

We have created several ways for you as a Tier Operator to receive the credit you deserve for bringing a customer in to make a purchase with RedCon1. I will explain these methods in this document. You earn rewards based on the sales you bring in. Make sure that you are getting the credit you deserve for the purchases made by your Friends, Family, and Followers!
There are several ways that a customer can connect their order to your Tier Operator Affiliatly account. Remind each of them to use one of the available methods. 

Tier Operator Forms

Please fill out the corresponding form below if you have a problem with an order or did not receive credit for a referral.


The first and simplest way that you can receive credit for a purchase is when someone uses your Discount Code. Each Tier Operator has their own unique discount code to share with customers, that will discount their order by 20%. This is commonly called your T20 code. On the ‘Checkout’ screen, when a customer types your T20 code into the box labelled “Gift Card or Discount Code” the 20% discount will be applied, and you will receive credit for the order.


The second method of receiving credit for an order is by link. EachTier Operator has a unique link that can be found on their Affiliatly profile page. Each Tier Operator’s unique link is created by adding a unique identifier to the website address. The link is the RedCon1 website followed by ‘/?aff=’ and then your Affiliatly ID number.
When a customer clicks on a Tier Operator’s link, the tracking program Affiliatly establishes a connection between the customer and your Tier Operator Affiliatly account. This connection has a duration of 40 days. When the customer purchases within that 40 day duration, you will receive credit for their order.


There is a box on the ‘Cart’ page of the website that the customer can see when reviewing their selected products in their cart, it is just before entering the ‘Checkout’ screen. This box is labeled:
“What Tier Operator Referred you?(leave blank if none)”
In this box a customer can type in a Tier Operator’s name.
•On the American site the Tier Operator Referral Box is dynamic, as a customer begins to type in their Tier Operator’s name they will be able to select that name from a dropdown menu. When a customer selects their Tier Operator’s name from the Dropdown menu it works similar to a tracking link click and will connect the customer to that Tier Operator and their purchase will automatically connect to the Tier Operator’s Affiliatly account.
•On the European site the Tier Operator Referral box is not dynamic. When a customer types a Tier Operator’s name into the Referral Box it will remain on the order, but it will not automatically create the connection. These orders are reviewed after completion, the names are read and then credit for the purchase is entered onto Tier Operator’s Affiliatly accounts manually. Please be patient if you are waiting for a sale credit to be displayed on your Tier Operator Affiliatly account – and remember that instructing customers to click your tracking link before they purchase will create the automatic connection!


When a customer completes a purchase after using one of the available connection methods: 
• Using a Tier Operator’s T20 Discount Code
• Navigating to the site by clicking on a Tier Operator’s unique link
• Selecting a Tier Operator’s name from the Referral Box dropdown menu

The customer’s email address will be connected to the Tier Operator’s Affiliatly account for 40 days. If a customer makes any additional purchases during this 40 days, the Tier Operator will receive credit for the purchase. 

You can see which customers email addresses are connected to you by looking at the INFO tab on your Tier Operator Affiliatly Profile. They will be listed as “Associated Emails Addresses”

After the 40 day duration the customer will need to use one of the available connection methods again in order to be connected to that Tier Operator. If the customer’s email is on a Tier Operator’s ‘Associated Emails’ list for over 40 days, it will not be removed until the customer makes another purchase. This gives each Tier Operator time to still have the email remain visible and reach out to your customer about making another purchase.
If the customer makes a purchase after the 40 day duration has passed, and the customer fails to use one of the available connection methods – that is when the customer’s email address will be removed from the Tier Operator’s ‘Associated Emails’ list.


#1 – You receive an automated email from Affiliatly that states “You have a new referred order.” But when you log into your Affiliatly profile you don’t see any new orders in your totals. This is due to another Tier Operator being connected to you as a customer and making a purchase for him/herself. Affiliatly sends you the automated email when the connected ‘customer’ makes the order, but then recognizes that the ‘customer’ has an email that is actually a Tier Operator and the program will block the order from showing on your totals. Another Tier Operator can be connected to you as a customer by clicking on your link at some point, or by them being an actual customer from past orders but now being accepted to the program as a Tier Operator.

#2 – A customer clicked on your link, made an order but you did not get a new order email and it isn’t showing on your Affiliatly profile sales totals. This may be because that customer could already be connected to a different Tier Operator, either by link or email. Or the customer has their internet browser settings block the use of cookies. You should always request that a customer does both: click your link to navigate to the site AND select your name in the Tier Operator referral box dropdown menu.

#3 – A customer clicked on your link, but the customer used the T20code of a different Tier Operator. The use of a T20 code takes precedence in the Affiliatly system, it will automatically connect the order to the Tier Operator that owns the T20 code. If this is the customer’s first purchase it will also automatically add their email to that Tier Operator’s Associated Emails list. If this is a repeat customer of yours who is already on your Associated Emails list, this specific order will go to the Tier Operator who owns the T20 code, but the email will remain with the original Associated Emails list for the 40 day duration. This is the same for if a customer uses the discount code of one of our sponsored athletes.

#4 – A customer made a purchase on the App and couldn’t find the Referral Box.This is because there is no Referral Box on the App, at this time. If this customer is already on your Associated Emails list you will get credit automatically. You can also instruct the customer to click on your Affiliatly link on the same device that they are using the app on. Clicking on your link will establish the cookie connection and an order made using the app will connect to you.

 #5 – You typed your own name into the Referral Box. You will not receive credit for your own sales. There is no need to select your own name from the referral box dropdown menu.

#6 – You and your other Tier Operator friends typed each other’s names into the Referral Box when you made your own orders. You will not receive credit for orders made by other Tier Operators. There is no need to select each other’s names from the referral box dropdown menu.

#7 – Along time customer of yours has dropped off of you email list. This is because the 40 day duration of the email connection has passed, and the customer will now need to click on your link or use your code to be connected to you again.

If you need additional assistance you can email us