September PumpUp


This month of September we’re going to reward you for helping your customers pump up – pump up their cart size that is! 
 Each time that you bring in a friend or follower to make a purchase with a subtotal over $99.99 your name will be entered into a Tier Operator raffle drawing where you can win bonus prizes. If you make a purchase for yourself it will also get you an entry into the raffle drawing. 
 We will look at the sales each week and hold a raffle drawing each week for the purchases that came in that week. At the end of the month we will hold a drawing with all of the names of Tier Operators who brought in sales over $99.99 for a Grand Prize. 
 You can encourage your friends and followers to increase their cart size by reminding them that there is a whole page of accessories that includes drinkware, shakers, bags, hats, gym towels and more. 

The Prizes given out in these Raffle Drawings will be Epic! 
• Tier Operator lunch box stuffed with samples
• Unique Custom Tier Operator IceShaker with your name or screen name
• One of a kind Prototype Redcon1 Weight Lifting Belt.
• One of a kind Prototype Tier Operator EDC (Every Day Carry): Gym Towel, Zipper Pouch, Key chain, Sanitizer.
• 1-on-1 video call with Kai Greene to talk about anything you want.

Congratulations to our first winner: Jordan Sanders

He is going to receive the One of a Kind Prototype Redcon1 Gym Towel, Zipper Pouch, and Keychain. 

Congratulations to our Second Winner: John “J. Savage” Harris III:

He is going to receive the One of a Kind Prototype Redcon1 Weight Lifting Belt 

Congratulations to our winner: Etienne Simon

He is going to receive the Full Product lineup of the Brand New, Unreleased flavor Dragon’s Blood