Tier Operator community comes together for some fun while trying to create their own best "Shawn Pose"

   Shawn Madej, experienced Tier Operator and the newest member of the Team Operator Management Team, has been showcasing Redcon1 Products with his iconic “Shawn Pose” for years. Recently several Tier Operators in our community created their own “Shawn Pose” pictures and posted them using the hashtag #rc1shawnposechallenge This quickly grew to a rush of Tier Operators trying to create the best “Shawn Pose”
Shawn’s impeccable posture and ability to showcase any Redcon1 product with style and grace could put the models from The Price is Right to shame. His classic pose has helped him gain fame on social media and in the real world. Shawn is the kind of guy who has that valuable quality of being able to joke and laugh, no matter what the subject is. He has enjoyed watching the “Shawn Pose” pictures come in and hopes that they continue.

   It was a difficult choice, but we were able to pick a winner of this first #rc1shawnposechallenge
Melanie B. absolutely nailed it! She even matched the same Redcon1 apparel items, the watch, the stance, the hand positioning… Its perfect. Well done Melanie, and thank you to everyone who was involved in this! There will be more content like this coming in the future! 

     “I love it man, I hope this goes viral.” 
-Shawn Madej

   Ben wanted to get in on the Shawn Pose fun, but needed a little help getting it right. 
Ceno comes in to break down the Shawn Pose to a science! 
But then the Shawn Pose master himself shows up and just blows them away with his natural ability. 

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