Tier Operator Highlight: Chase Irons

Tier Operator Highlight Chase Irons

There are some people who were seemingly born to be bodybuilders, and Chase Irons is one of those people. With the name Chase Irons, you’ve got to admit that he’s off to a good start! Chase has been a Tier Operator with Redcon1 since mid 2019. I was able to spend time with Chase while we worked together at the Redcon1 expo booth at the Olympia in Las Vegas. We’ve also had a few video calls and countless emails. Not only is Chase a friendly and enjoyable person to talk to, he has proved himself to be a productive member of the Redcon1 team. 

I asked Chase if I could interview him and he was happy to share his story.

Tell us about yourself, and how you became interested in Bodybuilding

My name is Chase Irons. I’m originally from Oklahoma, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Health Science Degree. I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years now. I work full time training clients in-person at the gym, and I have online clients that I train. I also create content for my Youtube Channel.
I got into bodybuilding because of my Dad. He was a competing amateur bodybuilder in the late ‘80’s and it was the pictures I saw of him that always had me interested in the sport and muscles in general. He had some weights in our garage and taught me how to bench press properly at a young age, which I attribute to why I feel my chest is pretty well developed. Unfortunately he didn’t show me how to squat or deadlift, haha. But that is where it all started, with him.

How did you get your start with Redcon1?

It initially goes back to the start of 2019. I was selling supplements through my Youtube channel with an Amazon Affiliates program. I was buying all of my own individual ingredients like Citrulline, Beta Alanine, beetroot powder and a few others. I was putting out videos on my Youtube channel showing how I was making my own mixture. I decided that I wanted to partner with a supplement company that I trusted to make quality products. I found that the Redcon1 pre workout combo of Total War and Big Noise had all of the same ingredients that I was already mixing in my own shake, and knew that Redcon1 was the company I needed to be a part of. I did a little research to see if they had an affiliate program, and the rest was history. 

Would you say that the Total War and Big Noise combo are your favorite products?

Absolutely. Taking supplements pre workout is a main focus for me, it’s one of the most effective ways to get an advantage. That, and I feel that I really like Fadeout to help me sleep. I’ve had trouble sleeping before and Fadeout does the trick for me.


What are your goals with being a Tier Operator?

When I first started into it I researched how the program is all set up. You make 10 sales to get to Tier 4, more sales needed to move up to Tier 3, etc. All the way up to the sponsored Athlete position. It was nice to see that everything had been clearly laid out and explained. My goal right from the start was to get to be a sponsored athlete. I knew that I would probably need to reach Tier 2 first and then grow from there. Whether it was through growing my social media presence, growing personally with you and the other Redcon1 staff members, or attending events like the Arnold or the Olympia I was ready to do whatever I needed to do. That would be my ultimate goal, to be a sponsored athlete or to just be a part of events with Redcon1 and have a presence enough where fans would recognize me for the content I create on Youtube. Actually  when I was at the Olympia I had about ten different people come up to me and say “hey I was watching your videos the other day…” It was a really cool experience and made me want more. I enjoy helping people, and I want to be able to influence them and motivate them to reach their goals.

How has Redcon1 helped you?

Redcon1 has helped me realize that my voice does matter in the fitness industry. I never imagined so many people would want my opinion on what supplements they should take or how they should eat and train. My sales success through Redcon1 has shown me that people do care about what I have to say and through that has increased my confidence and has helped me share my thoughts and feelings with the fitness community. Through this with the tier operator program Redcon1 has given me the opportunity to make some nice extra income via commission and through providing me with all my monthly supplements.

Tell us more about your Youtube channel. What kind of content do you focus on and how has it helped become a successful Tier Operator?

I do a mixture of a daily vlog and focus on nutrition or answering questions that I receive from clients and viewers. I would say that I am very nutrition oriented and through that I do a lot of full day eating style videos where I show what food I’m ingesting and talk about what supplements I take. Such as what I have in my pre workout mix, taking Medkit in the morning, and all of the daily supplements that I take. I’d say that yes, having an active Youtube channel has made sales as a Tier Operator easier. Youtube can be a very personal platform to connect with people. On instagram you just post a picture with a caption – but on youtube it’s all about videos and you have the chance to show yourself and your personality. You can connect with people more and show your background. I can show things from my past and answer the questions I receive very easily. Sometimes in the comments I have seen people say that there was something in a video of mine that resonated with them and connected with them and it’s the reason that they watch more and come back. They think “now this guy is a friend”. It feels like more of a community to me. By honestly showing yourself and who you are in videos, viewers believe in you more and believe what you’re saying.

Is there any one thing that you feel has had the biggest impact on your success?

Being myself and sharing my experiences and expertise through social media videos has been the main reason for my success. Giving to the community and not expecting anything in return. Give everything you can to try to make everyone around you better, even if that is through social media. As the people around you grow… so will you (mentally and physically).

What are some tips you’d give for someone who is trying to start their own channel or trying to grow their social media following?

Be yourself. Start now. There is no right time to start, so just start! You don’t necessarily have to put out all of your own personal history and background, but I recommend you should take the time to share some bit of yourself. You need to give back to the community so that it’s clear that your intention is more than just trying to make your subscribers count grow. Show them that you are trying to give back and provide something worthwhile. Having good information and being able to respond to people with whatever random questions they may have is key. Keep doing that consistently and over time people will notice you and follow along and be good subscribers.

What is something that you wish you had known when you started your Youtube channel?

I wish I would have started sooner. It took me so long to get comfortable on camera. I started with just using my phone and I feel like I was noticeably uncomfortable. It began by just talking to my phone, which felt like I was talking to myself, and I was like, ok this is what I’ve gotta do. I knew that I would improve as I learned, so I just kept at it. I’ve been posting videos for about the last 3 years. And I’ve worked to be very consistent with it in this last year. For someone who wants to create their own social media channel: I’d say “don’t wait. Jump in now.” For Tier Operators who are searching for ways to be successful: I would suggest contacting your customers frequently and consistently. You need to reach out to them and remind them about the deals that are happening online and ask them how they like the products they’ve already tried.

Tell us how you have incorporated being a Tier Operator into your everyday life.

I am pretty much always wearing something that has a Redcon1 logo on it. All day I’m wearing the brand and being an example of it. People will see me in the gym while I’m wearing Redcon1 and they will ask me “what’s up with that?” I’d say that’s the number 1 way that I keep Redcon1 in my everyday life. Even when I’m at work I’m always carrying around my shaker bottle. It opens the door for people to ask questions about it and ask me what Redcon1 is and I can start from there with them and see what their fitness goals and needs are. 

Have you found that there are any Redcon1 products that are the easiest to sell to customers?

You’ve got to know your audience and be able to determine what their needs are in order to suggest the right product for them. With my in-person training clients it’s MRE Lite or MRE bars. The average age range for clients at my gym is about 30-60 years old and their main goal is usually weight loss. The number one thing I work with them about is nutrition, and for most of my clients the hardest thing for them is eating enough protein. When I write a nutrition plan for one of my clients, I always suggest that they use Redcon1 protein. It’s a perfect solution and one of the staples that ends up in the nutrition plans that I create for them. Online and through my Youtube channel I would say that the products I recommend most are Total War and Big Noise. That audience is more of a bodybuilder crowd and they are looking for a pre workout that’s going to give them the results that they want.

What is your favorite muscle group to workout? Do you have a favorite lift or exercise?

My favorite is probably chest and shoulders – which is probably what most guys favor. I’m trying to make legs more of a favorite, but ya know… its hard. But I’m working on it! haha 

Any advice you'd like to give someone who is starting their own fitness journey?

Be patient and stick to the basics. Training, Nutrition, Recovery. Focus on learning the compound lifts and progressive overload, focus on understanding calories in/calories out and macronutrients for body composition, and focus on proper recovery and sleep tactics.

What is your best advice for a brand new tier operator.

Get your voice out there. Share your success with Redcon1’s products and show the people the progress you’ve made (go make some progress!!!) with Redcon1’s products and the sales will come. The biggest thing that I see from new people getting into it who may be missing the mark is that you’ve got to be able to show that these products have done something for you. You should be able to show that you’ve made progress. Sometimes people post a before/after and it’s almost like you can’t tell which is which. Whatever your goal is, if it’s weight loss or muscle gain be able to show that you live the life. 

I remember after I had lat surgery I was very undertrained. I was small and wasn’t showing much muscle at all. I decided that it was a great time to do a before and after video. I went from 213 to 260 and I was able to show that these products gave a real result and that the products can actually do something for you. Being able to show the effects is more powerful than just throwing up an ad graphic or just showing cleavage.

What is your source of motivation?

My motivation comes from my dad again. He went through a lot in his life with drugs and alcohol addiction and fought with that through most of his adult life and even though his story has a sad ending it motivates and inspires me to never quit and to put everything I can into my dreams and goals today because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

"Be patient and stick to the basics. Training, Nutrition, Recovery."

I’m on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. You can just search for my name and you’ll find me pretty easily!