Tier Operator New Year Resolutions 2021

We asked the Tier Operators what their New Year Resolutions are. Read more to see what their goals are for 2021! 

To be the best me I can be, most organized, best worker, best bodybuilder, best tier operator, and be better on YouTube! Make more money, and closer to god.

Jeff G.

Building my brand and getting my pro card. I want to compete in my first show.

Travis H.

Evolving my Tier Operator outreach and helping reach more people with health goals. I want to compete in the NPC bikini for the first time.

Kat K.

Getting my personal training certificate and doing my first bodybuilding show. I'm happy about being with my girlfriend, and my mental and physical health.

Codee L.

To lose the remainder of the extra weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle to control my arthritis.

Tom J.

I want to compete in my first bodybuilding show, become a sponsored athlete, influence more people, and make it to Tier 2 (I'm getting close). I want to be a better husband, father, personal trainer, flight paramedic and bodybuilder. I also want to continue to grow both the businesses I own. I want to be a better friend and better person, And practice the guitar and drums more often.

Tyler M.

To get to single digit body fat percentage. I'm looking forward to recovering from a knee injury/ I'm happy to have time with my family and friends.

Tanner O.

Learn German, get a 2nd degree, talk to my family more, run a marathon, place in the top 3 in my open and master's classic physique regional show, enter Olympia Amateur again, sponsor my girlfriend's citizenship, and pass my ICF certification exam.

Mark P-H.

Get stronger in the gym, and look forward to the future!

Jordon H.

Gainzzzzzz, higher protein intake! I'm looking forward to things getting back to normalcy.

Matthew B.

Completing my computer science degree, find a job, buy a house, train our lab pup to be a hunting dog and welcoming our second child.

Dylan P.

I'm looking forward to a happy healthy life! I'm excited about my family.

Bryan T.

To get as big as possible and possibly compete in bodybuilding once.

Bryan G.

Focus more on self-care. Saying no to things that don't bring me joy! I'm looking forward to getting a fresh start in a new year. Its great to be able to use it as a time to get focused and organized!

Abbie C.

I am going to be more active with my kids Gonna have them start working out with me.

Jonathan M.

MImprove my physique from last year by putting on some size and with regard to Redcon1, try my best to bring in more sales!

Brendan F.

Getting bigger and stronger! I'm excited about life.

Bobby L.

I'm going to work on weightloss. I'm happy about my family and being healthy. looking forward to a Jamaica trip!

Lauren B.

Getting stronger in mental health. I'm looking forward to the Covid vaccine and being able to work out with no mask. I'm happy to have a healthy family.

Brian D.

Expand my mind and physique to the best version of myself. I'm excited about my body slowly but surely growing and changing thanks to Redcon1!

Edgar G.

Coming back better than ever after dealing with depression. I'm happy about my new baby girl!

Anthony S.

I'm looking forward to bettering my performance. I'm happy about my physique.

Wael G.