Tier Operator Scouts


Tier Operator Scouts & Scouting Missions

What is a Tier Operator Scout?

  • The Tier Operator Scout is any Tier Operator who performs extra duties or activities in their local area to help Redcon1.
  • The Scouts are an extension of the Tier Operator Program that allow members to earn bonuses and rewards for completing tasks.

Scouting Missions

  • The tasks are called Scouting Missions. Previous Scouting Missions have included: Taking pictures at your local gym or nutrition store. Taking pictures of Redcon1 products on display. Visiting local stores to investigate and report the status of Redcon1 Products on the shelf. Assisting Redcon1 with Social Media Promotions. Creating fun holiday themed pictures, and more!
  • Scouting Missions are all voluntary and will require no cost to you, in fact you can get paid for completing some important missions.
  • Rewards for completing Scouting Missions can include: Free Products, Bonus Sales Credits to help you move up to the next Commission Tier. Exclusive Tier Operator Scout Apparel. Cash Payments for certain VIP Scouting Missions.

Who can be a Tier Operator Scout?

  • All Tier Operators are inviting to participate in the Scouting Missions. 
  • Subscribe to emails, and join the Tier Operator Facebook Group so that you can see announcements about the next Tier Operator Scouting Mission.

Be on the lookout for the next Scouting Mission