Tell us about your weight loss or fitness journey? 

My weight loss journey began after I graduated High School in Southern New Jersey in 2011. I graduated at a whopping 420 pounds (17 years old). I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. Being obese at such a young age is extremely dangerous and can make a social life very difficult. After I graduated, I learned that in order to truly be happy with who I am, I had like what I saw in the mirror. And so, 11 long years later, and many dedicated nights at the gym, long days in the kitchen, and much needed alone time to balance my thoughts, I stand before you 220 pounds lighter. Truly happy.

 Where are you from? What is your background? 

I am from a small town in Southern New Jersey called Lindenwold. My background consists of a loving and supporting family, a few great friends, and plenty of productive life lessons haha..

 What are your inspirations, what motivates you?

What a loaded question. I could go on for days talking about the people that inspire me. However, my biggest motivator is my father. He is such a hard working man. Respectable and full of integrity. He has shown me how to work hard and stay dedicated to a cause. A character trait I think many people would be lucky to have.

What are your goals? How do you plan to reach them? 

Im not sure if I have any particular goals per say. However, I do have a number of objectives. See, the difference between a goal and objective, is a goal is something you achieve and then thats it. It’s done because you’ve achieved it. However, an objective, for me that is, is an expectation that you set for yourself, and once you meet that requirement, you continue to grow do better. Always outdo yourself!

 How has Redcon1 helped you?


Man, what can I say about Redcon1. This company has completely changed the way I live, day in and day out. From the great people that are a part of this family, to the amazing products that we offer. I could not have gotten to where I am today, without it. The leadership team is so proactive and involved with the Operators and every day consumer. It is truly a feeling of acceptance and involvement in something far greater than myself. I have been using Redcon1 products for several years and the results that come along with a healthy workout and diet routine, matched with the proper use of our products, is unmatchable. Truly life changing.
Do you read or watch videos on fitness?


I enjoy watching progress videos. It inspires me to continue on my journey and helps hold myself accountable. I also am always on The Shed’s IG watching the content he puts out. That dude is an absolute animal!! Representing for team #BALDBEARDEDANDBEAUTIFUL 


Is there any one thing that has had a major impact on your success?
Such a great question. I think the biggest aspect that has impacted my success is my own self criticism. In my opinion, in order to accomplish something difficult in life, we have to be aware of how we (as individuals) are receptive to growth. In other words, find out what makes you tick. I believe we all possess the ability to accomplish anything that any other human being can do. The biggest component in that, is knowing how to unleash that beast that is in us. We all have one. The key that unlocks the monster’s cage. My key happens to be my own criticism. A competitive edge. But I don’t compete with others. I compete with the version of myself from yesterday and the day before.

Any advice you’d like to give someone who is starting their own fitness journey?


During my 220 pound weight loss journey, I had many different thoughts. Some good. Some bad. Some light, and some dark. However, one key concept remained constant. A quote that I would repeat to myself whenever I needed the strength. “Do a little bit more for yourself today, than you did yesterday” Each day, every hour, every minute and every second is an opportunity for growth. be better as time goes on. No matter what you are involved with in life, this thought should remain the same. Let it echo in you mind and fuel your heart. Stay consistent, and be better than you were a second ago.


Any advice you’d like to give to someone who is trying to become a successful Tier Operator?


Get involved. Stay active. Always promote your love for the brand, and let the products sell themselves.

In other words, YOU have to embody the results you are trying to sell to your customers. The products work. I am living proof. Along with hundreds of other great Operators

What is one of your difficulties or weaknesses?


Peanut butter haha. The late night sweet tooth is REAL!
What kind of activities do you do for fun?


I enjoy playing video games. Cooking food. Playing baseball. Fishing. Spending time with my family and my girlfriend. I also enjoy being outside. Fall weather is the best where I am from. A cool 65-70 degrees. Nothing like it
Do you like to share your success with family, friends and followers?


I like to share my success with those who ask. However, I am not one to gloat or brag too often. I like to consider myself to be pretty humble. If someone needs help or can use my story as motivation, I will absolutely do everything in my power to make sure that person knows that anything is possible. Impossible doesn’t exist!