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Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a Redcon1 Tier Operator. This opportunity has the ability to take you to the top of the supplement industry. Give it your all and you will have a chance to be a full time employee of the fastest rising supplement company in the world.

Tier Operator Google Drive

Please check out the Google Drive! We update this DAILY with deal graphics as well as other excellent marketing graphics! 

Websites: US Affiliatly  | EU Affilatly 

1. Each Tier Operator has their own unique link that they can share with friends, family, followers, or customers. This link is intended to be used as one of the methods of obtaining credit for purchases made by people that you bring to RedCon1.
2. The unique link can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. This displayed link can be copied and pasted from Affiliatly into a Tier Operator’s social media or messages sent to customers.
3. The unique link has an identifier on the end of the RedCon1 web address. This identifier includes your Affiliatly ID number. You can view your ID number when you are logged into Affiliatly, it is displayed in the top right corner. You can also see your full identifier in your displayed link on your Affiliatly profile page.
4. The following is an example of a Tier Operator’s unique link, if the Tier Operator’s ID number was 1:
5. When clicked this would take a customer to the RedCon1 homepage and connect that customer to the Tier Operator for 30 days duration. Any purchase made by that customer within the next 30 days would be credited to the Tier
6. A unique link can also be customized to direct a customer to a specific product page. The following is an example of a unique link directing a customer to a specific product page:
7. This can be accomplished 2 ways:
1. Select the ‘Link Generator” tab while logged in to Affiliatly. On this tab you can
paste a copied URL from the desired product page, Affiliatly will generate a
link for you to share with customers.
Navigate to a desired product page on the RedCon1 website and add your own unique identifier to the end of the browser address “/?aff=1”
8. When a customer clicks on a Tier Operator’s unique link to navigate to the site for purchase any purchase made by this customer, within 30 days, will be connected to that Tier Operator. If a customer successfully clicks on a Tier Operator’s link to navigate to the site, the customer’s purchase will be credited to that Tier Operator regardless of which discount code that customer uses. If the customer uses a military discount code, spin the wheel code, cart code, etc etc… the purchase will be credited to that Tier Operator’s account
9. The Affiliatly links use ‘Cookies’ to establish the connection between the customer, our sales system, and the Tier Operator’s Affiliatly account. If a customer has cookies disabled, the link connection will not work.
10. If the customer clicks on a Tier Operator or Athlete’s link the customer will be connected to that Tier Operator or Athlete for 30 days. If that customer clicks on a different Tier Operator’s link during this 30 day period, the customer
connection will not be transferred to the latest Tier Operator or Athlete. The customer will remain connected to the first link connection they have established until either; the 30 day period expires, or the customer selects ‘Delete Cookies’ from their browser settings

When you earn enough sales and the incentives start rolling in. We’re talking about free products for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Operators, cash and prizes for Tier 3 and 2. And if you’re bad ass enough to make it to Tier 1 you’ll be taking part in special events along side the Redcon1 HQ team, not to mention a full time salaried position at Redcon1. So if you’re motivated, want to use the highest quality products on the market, and finally break into the industry that you’ve always dreamed of working in then apply now to become a Redcon1 Tier Operator. Click the image below for even more info!


1. We have created several ways for you as a Tier Operator to receive the credit you deserve for bringing a customer in to make a purchase with RedCon1. I will explain these methods in this document.

2. CODE: The first and simplest way to receive credit is that each Tier Operator has their own unique discount code to share with customers. This is commonly called your T20 code. On the ‘Checkout’ screen, when a customer types your T20 code into the box labelled “Gift Card or Discount Code” the discount will be applied, and you will receive credit for the order.

3. LINK: The second method of receiving credit for an order is by link. EachTier Operator has a unique link that can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. Each Tier Operator’s unique link is created by adding a unique identifier to the website address. The link is the RedCon1 website followed by ‘/?aff=’ and then your Affiliatly ID number. Example: http://www.redcon1.com/?aff=1 These links utilize Cookies. (If you are curious about exactly how Cookies work check out google.) When a customer clicks on a Tier Operator’s link Affiliatly leaves a Cookie on their IP address and the connection to you is established. When the customer purchases you will then receive credit for the order – even if the customer uses a discount code that is not a T20 code. Cookie duration is 30 days.

4. REFERRAL BOX: There is a box on the website that the customer can see when reviewing their selected products in their cart, it is just before entering the ‘Checkout’ screen. This box is labeled: “What Tier Operator Referred you?(leave blank if none)” In this box a customer can select a Tier Operator’s name from a dropdown menu. When a customer selects a Tier Operator’s name from the Dropdown menu it will connect the customer to that Tier Operator and their purchase will automatically connect to the Tier Operator’s Affiliatly account.

5. EMAIL: A list of ‘Associated Emails’ can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. A customer’s email is automatically added to this list after they make a purchase using a Tier Operator’s T20 discount code or make a purchase after clicking on a Tier Operator’s unique link, or complete a purchase after selecting a Tier Operator’s name from the Referral Box dropdown menu. Each time a customer makes a purchase the Tier Operator that customer is connected to will receive credit for the purchase. Email association duration is 40 days. After that time the customer will need to click on a Tier Operator’s unique link or use a Tier Operator’s T20 discount code again in order to be connected to that Tier Operator. If the customer’s email is on a Tier Operator’s ‘Associated Emails’ list for over 40 days, it will not be removed until the customer makes another

purchase. This gives each Tier Operator time to still have the email remain visible and reach out to your customer. If the customer makes a purchase after the 40 day duration has passed, and the customer fails to use the Tier Operator’s discount code, click the Tier Operator’s link, or select the Tier Operator’s name from the dropdown menu – that is when the customer’s email address will be removed from the Tier Operator’s ‘Associated Emails’ list.

These are the ways of obtaining credit for customer orders that you bring to RedCon1. Next, I will explain some common mistakes or problems that can arise.

  1. You receive an automated email from Affiliatly that states “You have a new referred order.” But when you log into your Affiliatly profile you don’t see any new orders in your totals. This is due to another Tier Operator being connected to you as a customer and making a purchase for him/herself. Affiliatly sends you the automated email when the connected ‘customer’ makes the order, but then recognizes that the ‘customer’ has an email that is actually a Tier Operator and the program will block the order from showing on your totals. Another Tier Operator can be connected to you as a customer by clicking on your link at some point, or by them being an actual customer from past orders but now being accepted to the program as a Tier Operator.

  2. A customer clicked on your link, made an order but you did not get a new order email and it isn’t showing on your Affiliatly profile sales totals. This may be because that customer could already be connected to a different Tier Operator, either by link or email. Or the customer has their internet browser settings block the use of cookies. You should always request that a customer select your name in the Tier Operator referral box dropdown menu.

  3. Acustomerclickedonyourlink,butthecustomerusedtheT20codeofa different Tier Operator. The use of a T20 code takes precedence in the Affiliatly system, it will automatically connect the order to the Tier Operator that owns the T20 code. If this is the customer’s first purchase it will also automatically add their email to that Tier Operator’s Associated Emails list. If this is a repeat customer of yours who is already on your Associated Emails list, this specific order will go to the Tier Operator who owns the T20 code, but the email will remain with the original Associated Emails list for the 40 day duration. This is the same for if a customer uses the discount code of one of our sponsored athletes.

  4. A customer made a purchase on the App and couldn’t find the Referral Box.This is because there is no Referral Box on the App, at this time. If this customer is already on your Associated Emails list you will get credit automatically. You can also instruct the customer to click on your Affiliatly link on the same device that they are using the app on. Clicking on your link will establish the cookie connection and an order made using the app will connect to you.

  5. A customer made a purchase on the App and couldn’t find the Referral Box.All discount codes that work on the app also work on the main site. To increase the chances of a customer’s order being connected to your Affiliatly account, we recommend that you send customers to purchase on the main site – and to use your link, and type your name into the Tier Operator referral box.

  1. You typed your own name into the Referral Box. You will not receive credit for your own sales. There is no need to select your own name from the referral box dropdown menu.

  2. You and your other Tier Operator friends typed each other’s names into the Referral Box when you made your own orders. You will not receive credit for orders made by other Tier Operators. There is no need to select each other’s names from the referral box dropdown menu.

  3. Along time customer of yours has dropped off of you email list. This is because the 40 day duration of the email connection has passed, and the customer will now need to click on your link or use your code to be connected to you again.

  4. Your customer made a purchase with the assistance of one of the Frontline members. You will not receive credit for any purchases made through a Frontline invoice. If a customer is requesting assistance with an order you can help them. On your own device, you can assist a customer with building a cart with their desired products, continue to the checkout page, copy/paste and share the URL of the checkout page with the customer. If the customer has clicked on your Affiliatly link within the past 40 days, the order will connect to you automatically. You should also instruct the customer to navigate to the Cart page and select your name from the Referral box dropdown menu.  

1. A Demo is a method of increasing brand awareness of Redcon1 by giving
customers an opportunity to sample products, and gain knowledge about
Redcon1. This is accomplished by a Tier Operator hosting a product sampling
Demo at a retailer of Redcon1 Products.
2. A typical Demo can be described as a Tier Operator arriving at their local
nutrition store, assembling a table inside of the store that displays Redcon1
products, remaining available during business hours to offer product samples to
customers and answering questions about Redcon1.
3. There are rewards given to Tier Operators who volunteer to work a Demo. The
Tier Operator will receive 5 sales credits to help them move up to the next Tier
level. Additionally, the Tier Operator’s monthly required minimum of sales
needed, to be eligible for monthly Fulfillment rewards, will be reduced to half the
standard amount.
4. There is a standard process for volunteering for and scheduling a Demo. If this
process is not followed, The Redcon1 Tier Operator Management Team has the
right to withhold rewards for performing the Demo, deny permission to perform
future Demos. Please consult this list and feel free to ask if you have any
a. The Tier Operator should contact their local store that sells Redcon1. The
Tier Operator should communicate with the store owner/manager and
obtain permission to host a Demo in their location.
b. The Tier Operator should contact the Tier Operator Management Team
about the requested Demo. This information should be provided: Name of
store, location, manager name, store phone number, email address of
store manager/employee in charge, date/time of requested Demo.
c. The Tier Operator Management Team will contact the Store to confirm this
request to perform a Demo and to confirm the date/time of the Demo.
d. A package will be sent to the store with items needed: product samples,
table cloth, cutting boards, allergy warning display sign. A shipping return
label will be included – the table cloth and remaining products must be
e. The Tier Operator will arrive at the store location on the date of the Demo
and will distribute samples and communicate with customers about

5. Demos are approved at retailers that already have Redcon1 products in stock
available for purchase. Requests presented to the Tier Operator Management
Team to perform a Demo at a retailer that does not have Redcon1 products
available for purchase can and is usually denied. This rule is in place because it
has been found that if Redcon1 products are not available for purchase a
customer will tend to purchase a competing brand’s product rather than wait to
purchase Redcon1.
6. Requests presented to the Tier Operator Management Team to perform a Demo
at a gym can and is usually denied. This rule is in place because it has been
found that customers entering the gym are willing to accept a product sample;
but are unlikely to make a product purchase.
7. After you have completed the product sampling demo the Tier Operator must
submit a report via email with the following info: a rating the demo on a scale of
1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.) An approximate number of
people that were spoken to about Redcon1 during the demo. A list of Redcon1
product sales generated at the location due to your presence. Any other
comments about the Demo experience. This report will be reviewed, in addition
to communication with the owner/manager of the Demo location.
8. Some Do’s and Don’ts to follow when performing a Demo:
a. Do… Contact individual local retailers and see if they are interested in
doing a demo.
b. Don’t… send me location’s that have not been contacted by you. When I
am emailing or calling them I do want them to be aware that I am calling
not confused upon receiving the call/email.
c. Do… Use demos as a means to create relationships with local retailers
and to show them we are the best brand out there and can move product
d. Don’t… YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO use demos as a means to
generate new customers for yourself… You are not benefiting us or
yourself by stealing customers from our retailers. Always push the
product on their shelf, remember you are getting five (5) sales credits for
doing it.
e. Do… Follow up with retailers respectfully if they shy away from doing a
demo or say they’d like to do one at a later date.
f. Don’t… get pissed off or pushy if someone doesn’t want to do a demo.

We have exclusive items in the new Tier Operator Portal! This is YOUR section of the site where you can find exclusive items! 

Once you are approved, you can log into your Redcon1 Customer Profile, you will find the Tier Operator Portal. Please watch the video below for help! 

Tier Operator Portal Video

Check out these sales tips by some of out Tier 2 Operators! 

  1. Talk with your family, friends and co-workers! They make great customers! 
  2. Hook your customers up for free samples or products! That will help retain them as loyal customers! 
  3. Get in front of people don’t try to do all sales behind a screen, shake someone’s hand share product with people at the gym, get samples to hand out and let them try it. Hand it off, tell them to let you know what they think and then leave it at that until you seem them again, the products will speak for themselves, it’s the personable acts and making people feel a part of something that they are looking for!
  4. Be knowledgeable about supplements and when to use them and for what. Genuinely help people learn this and not force a sale. Let it happen organically without you pressuring people, but tell them how to contact you for a “discount”.
  5.  Post progress pictures of yourself while using the products. Share pictures of you wearing the gear. Have your loyal customers post testimonials and share them with the rest of your groups. Show people that you really care about Redcon1 and that you are willing to put your name on the line. Exercise all avenues. Some people get the most sales off of physical conversation. Others with the online experience. I got to two tier 2 off of 90% online sales. Different methods works for different folks so try them all. Know what the supplements do and recommend to those who ask about supplements what’s best for them. Be honest, your customers will respect that. For example, fade out causes issues with me and I cannot sleep with it. I told my customers that, however I also tell them that it works for others and they have seen amazing results. They will respect that you’re honest with him. Also there will be times when sales are slow, continue to push. Continue to push because at any given moment you can gain a new customer. But most of all just stay loyal to the brand!
  6.  Don’t let a potential customer think a supplement will magically change them and have them get their desired results immediately, just for you to make a sale. Straightforward > ambiguity, it will bring back regulars.

Check out this video!

Here is a current list of our products (May 2020):

Preworkout + Pump:

Protein Powders:

Muscle Builders:

Energy + Fat Burners:

Protein Bars:


Basic Training Series:

  • Vitamin C


RedCon1 Tier Operator Affiliate Program Code of Conduct The success of RedCon1 (hereinafter referred to as “Redcon1” or “The Company”) is greatly benefited by its brand affiliates – the Tier Operators. Tier Operator (“you”) have applied to be a Tier Operator because you believe in Redcon1 and want to help support Redcon1’s continuing growth and success into the future. By applying to become a Tier Operator, you have sought to join a company with a strong reputation in the dietary supplement industry. 

This Code of Conduct (“Code”) has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct among the Tier Operator Program. By submitting this application to join Tier Operator Program, you represent and warrant that you have read this Code and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

 The Company requires that all Tier Operators help ensure a congenial work environment of respect and professionalism. As a Tier Operator you pledge to maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct, strive for personal growth in the dietary supplement industry, support RedCon1’s goals and objectives within the industry, instill in the public and other Tier Operators a sense of confidence and commitment to appropriate conduct and professionalism; uphold all laws and regulations relating to your activities; refrain from using your position to secure special privilege, gain or benefit for yourself; maintain the confidentiality of Company’s trade secrets; use RedCon1’s meetings and events only for the authorized advertising, marketing and promotion of RedCon1 and RedCon1’s products. 

Tier Operators must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. A Tier Operator may not conduct business that is unethical in any way or influence other Tier Operators to act unethically. You agree to report any dishonest activities or conduct that violates this Code to the Tier Operator Program Management Team- Ben Galloway, Matt Saraceno. 

The following list, while not all inclusive, provides examples of infractions of the Code of Conduct that may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination from the Tier Operator Program: 

1. Supplying false or misleading information when applying for the Tier Operator Program; 

2. Representing any competing supplement company; 

3. Working as a representative of RedCon1 under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; 

4. Engaging in unethical or illegal conduct; 

5. Abusing the Sales Credit system; 

6. Identifying yourself in person or through the use of business cards or pamphlets as an employee of RedCon1, or any other position other than a Tier Operator brand affiliate; 

7. Creating a social media account, website, URL, domain, or email distribution list that portrays or identifies yourself as an official RedCon1 account, employee, or entity other than a Tier Operator brand affiliate; 

8. Selling any RedCon1 products, apparel, accessories, or other items other than through Tier Operator’s discount code or link; 

9. Creating products, apparel, merchandise, or any other items utilizing the RedCon1 name, logo, or intellectual property without prior written approval from the Tier Operator Management and signing the Redcon1 Trademark Licensing Agreement; 

10. Making any obscene, prejudicial, or provocative remarks, jokes or gestures, in a public environment, on social media, or through an online forum which may be offensive; 

11. Misappropriating or abusing Company’s property and funds; 

12. Reporting false or misleading information, or falsifying Company documents or records; 

13. Soliciting or accepting kickbacks or gifts; 

14. Verbally abusing other Tier Operators or RedCon1 customers, via spoken or written word; 

15. Using unauthorized tactics to boost sales totals and/or capture credit for purchases that are not deserved. 

16. Advertising your discount code, link or written messages with the intent of customer recruitment on product review posts on RedCon1.com, amazon.com or otherwise, official RedCon1 Facebook groups, RedCon1 or third-party distributors’ paid advertisements; 

Redcon1 reserves the right to terminate Tier Operator from the Tier Operator Program in the event that Redcon1 determines, in its sole discretion, that Tier Operator has violated and terms and conditions of this Code or otherwise. 

By applying for the Tier Operator Program, you acknowledge and agree that you are not an Employee of Redcon1. Tier Operators are independent affiliates and nothing herein creates any agency, joint venture, partnership, or other form of joint enterprise, employment, or fiduciary relationship between Redcon1 and Tier Operator or an employee employer relationship. Tier Operator shall be responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes that result from any money or commissions earned or paid to Tier Operator. Tier Operator has not express or implied right or authority to assume or create any obligations on behalf of, or in the name of, Redcon1 or to bind Redcon1 to any contract, agreement, or undertaking with any individual, company or third-party. 

By applying for the Tier Operator Program, you acknowledge and agree that all Trademarks, names, logos, videos, pictures, descriptions, or otherwise (“Images”) of Redcon1 are the sole and exclusive property of Redcon1. You agree to use such Images only as approved by, and at the discretion of Redcon1. All rights and goodwill associated with such Images are the exclusive property of Redcon1 and shall transfer to Redcon1 with no further actions necessary on the part of Tier Operator or Redcon1. 

No waiver by Redcon1 of any breach of any of the terms and conditions set forth in this Code shall be construed as a waiver of any succeeding breach of the same or any other terms and conditions set forth herein. 

Redcon1 reserves the right to update this Code at any time and such updates will be posted on the Tier Operator website under the Code tab. 

Please report any activities in violation of this Code of Conduct to the Tier Operator Program Management.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Code.